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Ripcord’s digitization service is your one-stop shop for your records management needs
Records management: Ship your records to Ripcord


Ship your content to Ripcord

Package and ship your records to Ripcord. Upon receipt, your content will be logged, assigned a unique barcode, and tracked as it moves throughout the digitization process.

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Records management: Ripcord does its magic


Document Preparation and Digitization

Ripcord organizes and prepares your records for digitization by our robots (aka: Workcells). The Workcells quickly digitize each image in full color at high resolution and produce a fully searchable PDF of each record. Your records are securely stored and managed via Ripcord Canopy, our records management platform.

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Records management: Access your records


Access Your Records

Ripcord Canopy enables you to quickly search and locate your records with keyword, boolean and filtered search. Finding that needle in the haystack is just a few keystrokes away and doesn’t require your team to go through mountains of files.

What We Do

Ripcord is the world's first robotic digitization company. We build robots that digitize your records and make them accessible anywhere, anytime.


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