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Building a Strong Foundation for the Future of Work
Building a Strong Foundation for the Future of Work

The Future of Work is built on data. Getting the right information to the right user at the right time enables collaboration, business agility, and informed decision making. However, the data trends that are powering the Future of Work are also working to delay it. Organizations gather information every day—in the form of contracts and documents, service orders and quality control checklists, receipts, and invoices. But most of this information will never see the light of day. It sits unused in file cabinets and document storage boxes stacked to the ceiling in huge warehouses, storage units, and long-forgotten servers.

Imagine if this information were made available to decision makers and business systems within your organization. What if the information was digitized, put into business context, and automatically plugged into existing workflows and processes? What if it was searchable, available in real time, and accessible at the touch of a button? What if you were able to analyze legacy contracts, service orders, quality control checklists and other documents to uncover trends, create efficiencies, and optimize workflows?

Say hello to the Future of Work.

Content management services powered by intelligent automation allow organizations to work with a technology partner to digitize data quickly and efficiently, put rich context around data so it is accessible and usable, and feed it to people and systems across the organization to enable real-time, informed decision making and business process automation.


This white paper explores:

  • How information is the lifeblood of business today
  • Where legacy digitization tools fall short
  • How companies can go beyond basic automation with intelligent automation
  • Ripcord’s intelligent automation content services platform (CSP)
  • CSP use cases for financial services and human resources