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Advancing next generation digital transformation solutions to empower your business

Our Ripcord Integrated SaaS full stack offering broadly addresses digitally native and paper centric content process freeing our customers data.

Ripcord specializes on processes with high reliance on data and paper records. We provide a differentiated approach to digitization and day forward business solutions through the use of robotics and our content software platform.

Read on and learn how Ripcord Solutions in mortgage origination, customer correspondence, and employee records management empower businesses.

Why work with ripcord

New Era of Remote Workers:

Support business continuity

The problem:

Unsuitable infrastructure

Legacy corporate infrastructure not designed to handle high volumes of employees working remotely.

Inaccessible documents

Overcomplicated systems not built for accessing documents remotely restricting access to critical information to manage businesses effectively.

Inefficient search tools

Outdated digitization and recognition methods lead to poor image quality with render documents unrecognized, unclassified and hard to find.

Poor productivity

Inability to find and retrieve needed documents without a centralized platform to access and collaborate on documents leads to many wasted team hours and poor customer service.

The Ripcord solution

– all from one partner

Smart Robotic Digitization

We use robotics, machine learning, machine vision, and artificial intelligence to digitize your documents and unlock enterprise business value.

Smart digitization is the first step to making documents accessible from anywhere. .

Smart Content Management & ai

We extract knowledge from physical and digital documents.

OCR, document recognition and classification, and entity extraction facilitates search and automates business processes.

Data retrieval with The Canopy platform

A cloud-based data management platform gives remote workers the tools they need to work at home as easily as they once worked in the office.

Canopy makes every document available with sub-second search, all stored as fully searchable PDFs.

Accessible anywhere

Canopy protects, preserves and provides easy access to all your content from anywhere on any device - desktop, tablet, mobile, and even your local printer or scanner.

“Organizations that work at ”the speed of paper” are increasingly being rendered non-competitive and irrelevant. On the one hand, organizations need to “digitize everything that moves” – as early in the process as possible. On the other hand, every effort should be made to “digitalize” processes by working digitally as much as possible: born-digital documents stay digital; their flow into and through the organization is streamlined and automated; and how they are managed and ultimately disposed of is automated as well.”
Source: AIIM CIP Study Guide