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End the Tradeoff Between Time and Money
Are data errors and missing documentation leading to significant write-offs? Is your dispute resolution process painstaking? Does managing and archiving PoD documents eat up too many resources?

Ripcord helps manufacturers rapidly capture, automatically match, and instantly access Proof of Delivery documents enabling them to validate invoice data and resolve disputes quickly and easily. The result is increased revenue and dramatic reductions in write-offs, product waste, and time spent managing supporting documentation such as PoD, BOL, and packing lists.

Our Intelligent Document Processing Platform allows your team to spend less time entering, checking, and tracking down data and more time billing and collecting, ensuring compliance, and conducting financial analysis.
Streamlining Coca-Cola Bottlers’ PoD Processes



How our PoD solution works
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Ripcord pairs advanced robotics and machine learning to transform all your proof of delivery documents into data that’s ready to work. Our solution is the most complete, handling both paper or digital PoDs, Invoices, POs and more, extracting and validating data, matching related documents, and providing secure cloud storage with instant recall for your records.
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How Ripcord Transforms Proof of Delivery
  • Improve PoD data accuracy up to 99.95% ensuring customers are billed accurately, discrepancies are resolved easily, and accounting and forecasting are precise.

  • Integrate your proof of delivery data with many enterprise applications, making this data available for your critical business processes

  • Streamlined, automated process enables faster response to customer inquiries and disputes and reduces the burden of repetitive tasks on employees.

  • Ensures manufacturing compliance teams have access to accurate, complete, and trustworthy data to analyze and report on key risk metrics and identify vulnerabilities.

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