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Turn paper documents into high fidelity digital files.

With advanced robotics and best-of-breed digitization methods, Ripcord is the only intelligent document processing (IDP) company that ensures paper documents are part of your data set. For paper documents, the process begins at our document prep stations where we capture the physical order and structure of the documents to preserve context.

Next, our digitization robots (yep robots) handle documents with care, using air to lift and position documents, preventing damage to the original material. Computer vision enables our robots to easily and quickly detect and remove fasteners, minimizing human interaction and error. The goal here is to make all your documents digital. (If you don't have paper, we can start by ingesting your digital documents.) Digitization also helps you do away with costly storage of physical documents.


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Making what was once inaccessible, searchable, actionable, and ready to fuel your business.

With clean, digital files, we use optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML) to classify them and extract the most valuable and pertinent data they contain with a high degree of accuracy. This is done using both text and image understanding to differentiate data fields and document types and advanced ML techniques to ensure accuracy. This is particularly important for understanding unstructured documents.

Our ML models are trained to identify and extract the data you rely on most with the highest accuracy. Whether that's an invoice number, employee location, vendor name, VIN number, item number, dollar amount, ID number, location, date or any other data field you need.

We then check extracted data against business rules using ML. If there’s high confidence in the data, it moves forward. If there’s low confidence, your experts or Ripcord experts review and correct the data (Human-in-the-loop). Over time, ML models improve with continuous learning and validation to deliver better, more-accurate data.


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Ready for action, data is now easy to access, search, sort and filter and ready to use, automate, or analyze.

With data validated, our customers can now begin to access the data they need, or automate the processes they operate to improve outcomes. Data can be instantly accessed in Ripcord's Canopy content platform or can be uploaded to or integrated with existing platforms within our customers' infrastructure.

Our variety of integration methods allow you to put your data to work exactly where it is needed. From ERP and ECM, to RPA and BI, to any other enterprise application essential your business.

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We put our expertise to work to solve your biggest data challenges.

Paper or Digital Documents

Ripcord rapidly digitizes paper documents with advanced robotics and best-in-class scanning technologies, we also ingest digital documents and data from a variety of sources ensuring no data is left behind.

Backfile or Current Documents

Whether you need to access and apply data trapped in archived documents or streamline data capture and processing from documents critical to ongoing business processes, Ripcord helps your company move to digital, cloud-based document processes.

Structured or Unstructured Documents

Whether your documents have a standardized format or vary widely in terms of document type, layout, and content, Ripcord’s AI-powered document intelligence can classify, extract, enrich and validate your data.

See how we’ve put powerful data to work for our partners and customers.

Across a variety of industries and use cases, Ripcord solves challenges for our customers that lead to incredible results.

Start making the most of your data today.