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Public sector agencies must manage an expanding volume and diversity of documents while faced with growing service demands, changing regulatory compliance and information governance requirements, and pressing data security considerations. Paper records and processing backlogs lead to inefficiencies, delays, and increased costs, and despite the proliferation of digital documents, many still require error-prone and labor-intensive manual processing. Every level of government is under pressure, if not mandated, to innovate on how it manages information and serves constituents. 

Ripcord's innovative approach to document intelligence offers public sector agencies a powerful solution for managing documents and modernizing processes.

Ripcord provides industry-leading digitization, intelligent document processing, and document management to customers in local, state, and federal government. Our managed service approach, Document Intelligence as a Service™, is a complete and fully customizable solution that includes the capture and classification of paper-based and digital-native files from archives or incoming document processes as well as extraction and validation of critical data. Additional retention, compliance, and integration services are provided through our content services platform.

The result is rapid digital transformation of government documents, saving time and money while enabling government agencies to be more responsive, reduce risk, avoid obsolescence, and improve the constituent experience.

Federal and Public Sector Solutions - Ripcord

Modernize with Document Intelligence as a Service™

Document Management solutions for the Public Sector

Solutions for digital government.

In the crowded market of document management tools, Ripcord offers a comprehensive, service-oriented approach. Unlike standalone solutions for scanning, intelligent document processing, and content management, Ripcord's Document Intelligence as a Service™ is complete, customer-centric, and outcome-focused. This revolutionary approach eliminates the need for users to manage multiple tools, simplifying the process. By leveraging robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, Ripcord ensures document digitization at scale, data extraction with unparalleled accuracy, and seamless integration into our cloud content platform or agency systems of record. 

Providing advanced technologies and an end-to-end managed services approach, Ripcord helps government agencies implement best-in-class digital transformation solutions at a lower total cost of ownership in a fraction of the time to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure compliance while delivering better citizen outcomes. 

Document Management solutions for the Public Sector

Automate processes, gather insights, mitigate risk, and enable faster, more accurate information access with Ripcord.

Agency Document 

Handling, preserving, and accessing physical and digital records and documents across agency departments is made easy with Ripcord’s AI-powered digitization, document intelligence, and content management.

Application, Permit & License Processing

Digitize and streamline the review and approval of applications, permits, and licenses in areas such as immigration, aviation, patents, and more with scanning, data capture, and automated workflows.

Implementation & Migration

Unlock the data trapped in paper documents. Ripcord’s robotic digitization rapidly scans paper records. Data is extracted and integrated with digital systems of record to accelerate and simplify software system implementation.

Audits & Investigations

Conduct criminal, civil, or administrative investigations, perform background checks, and carry out audits with greater depth, efficiency, and compliance using Ripcord’s digital content management with built-in generative AI-powered information access. 

Data Collection & Analysis

Ripcord’s document intelligence and powerful content management software enable you to gather, analyze, and disseminate data and research findings to inform policy decisions, scientific advancements, and public understanding.

Service Delivery

Effectively manage applications and records with Document Intelligence as a Service™ and enable your agency to provide superior service, benefits, and assistance to constituents. 

Inspections & Assessments

Conduct inspections, assessments, and evaluations to ensure compliance, safety, or performance in sectors such as environmental protection, workplace safety, and food safety.

Data security and compliance

Public Sector 3 - Ripcord

Ripcord's platform is designed with security and compliance at its core, adhering to stringent industry standards such as SOC 2 and ISO 27001. This ensures that all sensitive and confidential information is handled with the utmost care and protection. 

Security is our highest priority.

We adhere to the standards required by Federal, State, and Local agencies including Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS). We’ve also partnered with some of the world's leading cloud service providers and software vendors to provide a comprehensive and flexible hosting and deployment model that meets operational and industry best practices.

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Public Sector 3 - Ripcord
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