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In the energy sector, documents hold vital information about a company’s assets. Original seismic records, oil well logs, and other energy sector documentation are often stored on delicate and decaying paper and date back over half a century. Beyond the risk of loss or damage, the data trapped in these documents must be painstakingly archived and retrieved, then manually searched and analyzed. Oil, gas, power, and utilities companies are left without a complete picture of existing research and resources.

Improve operational efficiency, gain data visibility, and unlock insights while protecting valuable data assets and ensuring compliance.

Ripcord can rapidly transform your legacy energy records into actionable data. Our best-of-breed digitization technology quickly and carefully captures paper documents while our machine learning-powered intelligent document processing classifies documents, extracts essential data, and validates accuracy. Energy records can then be securely stored and instantly accessed in the cloud, while the data is ready to fuel analysis.

Energy 2 - Ripcord

Access, analyze, and protect your energy records with Ripcord's digitization and intelligent document processing solutions.

Well File & Log Digitization

Enhance operational efficiency by digitizing and automating data extraction from well records and make valuable resource data easy to retrieve and analyze, facilitating informed decision-making. 

Engineering Document Management

Elevate efficiency, foster innovation, and ensure compliance by streamlining workflows, enhancing collaboration, and enabling swift access to critical information through digitization and document intelligence.

Compliance and Risk

Preserve and secure your energy records with digitization and cloud-based content management. Ripcord makes it easy to recall and automatically retain and dispose of your documents.

Energy - Cantium Case Study 2 - Ripcord

Learn how Cantium unlocked new business opportunities and greater efficiency with digitization and document intelligence.

Discover how to transform your documents into process-ready data with Ripcord.

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