Insurance 3 - Ripcord

Insurance companies handle a constant influx of documents and data in a variety of formats and through numerous channels. Whether it’s underwriting, customer onboarding, or claims processing, manual processes and legacy systems are inefficient, error-prone, delay response time, and prevent insurers from conducting comprehensive analysis and realizing the full potential of process automation.

Take control of your insurance documents. Streamline operations, reduce risk, and increase productivity with Ripcord.

Ripcord brings the power of artificial intelligence and automation to insurance documents. By combining robotic digitization with intelligent document processing, Ripcord helps insurance companies classify, extract, and validate data from all types of documents and makes them instantly accessible in our secure, cloud-based content platform. Complete, accurate data is ready to fuel downstream workflows, helping you provide better insurance services to customers.

The result is improved operational efficiency, greater customer satisfaction, streamlined regulatory compliance, and enhanced decision-making.

Insurance 3 - Ripcord

Unlock new efficiencies and fuel digital transformation within your insurance organization.

Policy Enrollment and Management

Accelerate application processing and enrollment with robotic digitization and machine learning data extraction. Simplify document recall and research with Canopy’s search, filtering, and generative AI queries.

Claims Handling

Streamline claims processing and expedite customer response times. Ripcord’s technology provides accurate classification, extraction, and enrichment of data from a vast array of incoming documents to provide adjusters with on-demand information availability. 


Ripcord’s digitization, intelligent document processing, and generative AI-powered content management enables underwriting teams to quickly review documents and identify whether criteria has been met, improving overall accuracy, response times, and customer satisfaction.

Historical Policy Digitization 

Preserve policy records and enable rapid access to information in your legacy documents. Ripcord’s solutions help insurers accelerate claims processing, ensure compliance, accelerate research, and reduce the risk of data loss.

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