Human Resources 2 - Ripcord

Today, HR teams are faced with tedious manual processes, high document storage and management costs, and rising legal risks. HR records are scattered across various formats, be it paper or digital, and spread across multiple locations, making them difficult to access and the data inside them even harder to analyze.

With Ripcord, organized HR records are accessible from anywhere, anytime, and HR data is ready for automation and analysis. 

Ripcord’s Document Intelligence as a Service™ for HR helps organizations transform their HR documents and automate processes. Our solution combines robotic digitization, turning paper documents into a high-quality digital file, with intelligent document processing to classify, extract, validate, and enrich the data. All documents are safely and securely located in our cloud-native content management platform to enhance information access and value across the organization.

The result is a more productive HR team that spends less time managing documents and risk and more time enhancing employee experience, optimizing the workforce, and contributing to strategic initiatives. 

Human Resources 2 - Ripcord

Automate HR processes, elevate employee experiences, and safeguard privacy with Ripcord.

Reduce Operational Costs 

Reduce your HR team’s manual and transactional workloads with efficient search, automated document processing, and easy file storage and sharing.

Improve Strategic Capacity

Pave the way for HR teams to function as a strategic partner within the organization by streamlining administrative tasks while enabling data access and analysis. 

Lower Costs and Risks

Rest easy knowing your HR records and sensitive data are retained and secure so you can avoid legal risks and poor decision making.

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