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Beyond creating products, manufacturing organizations also produce large volumes of documents that must be managed, retained, analyzed, and recalled for audits, customer inquiries, and compliance. Documentation from quality processes, chain of custody, accounting, and more is required to maintain certifications, ensure product quality and customer satisfaction, resolve disputes, trace the supply chain, and manage finances.

Discover streamlined document processes, enhanced data visibility, increased customer satisfaction, improved revenue recognition, and a more efficient manufacturing organization.

Ripcord enables manufacturing organizations to capture and classify nearly any type of documentation, extract and validate essential data using machine learning, and make this content instantly accessible from anywhere, anytime. Data can then be integrated with essential manufacturing systems, ready to fuel process automation and analytics.

Manufacturing - Ripcord

Ripcord's digitization and intelligent document processing solutions are transforming how manufacturers do business.

Order to Cash

Maximize revenue while minimizing the time to get paid. Digitize, extract, match, and validate data from purchase orders, proof of deliveries, and more. 

Quality Assurance

Accelerate customer response time and be prepared for recalls and audits with on-demand access to digital quality assurance and quality control documentation and data.

Backfile Digitization

Get instant access to business-critical documents and data from across your manufacturing organization. Tap into the data value of engineering, legal, finance, and HR documents while ensuring data security and availability.

Manufacturing - Coca-Cola Case Study

See how Coca-Cola optimized its proof of delivery process.

Learn how Ripcord's AI-powered automation is transforming dispute resolution.

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