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Managing disputes and discrepancies are some of the most challenging responsibilities of Accounts Receivable (AR) teams. Many documents, often created by different teams, are required to accurately collect payment. Handling this process manually — entering data, matching and validating details, storing and recalling documents — is error-prone, time-consuming, and often results in costly write-offs and delayed revenue recognition.

Transform your order-to-cash and dispute resolution processes with Ripcord's Al-powered robotic digitization and specialized machine learning.

Ripcord’s solution makes the order-to-cash process foolproof. We rapidly capture, automatically match, and provide instant access to Purchase Orders, Invoices, Bills of Lading, Proof of Delivery, and other AR documents so that you can validate invoice data and resolve disputes quickly and easily.

The result is a dramatic reduction in wasted time spent managing documents, increased efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, and an AR team that can devote more time to high-value work. 

Accounts Receivable - Ripcord

Streamline your AR processes, improve accuracy, and reduce risk.

Dispute Resolution

Identify discrepancies or disputes in invoices, automate the investigation process, and facilitate faster resolution with Ripcord’s digitization and document intelligence capabilities.

Invoice Processing and Payment Matching

Reduce manual errors and speed up the payment cycle by automating data extraction from invoices, matching payments, and validating accuracy. Enable your AR team to quickly identify discrepancies or outstanding balances.

Compliance Monitoring

Securely store and easily access complete and accurate accounting records to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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See how Coca-Cola put their data to work to better track accounts receivable.

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Maximize revenue and minimize the time to get paid with Ripcord.