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Financial services companies face a flood of documents and data. Managing this data is not only important for efficient day-to-day operations, it’s critical to compliance and risk management, customer experience, and unlocking business opportunities. Relying on manual processes and legacy systems puts financial organizations at risk for fraud, fines, litigation, unhappy customers, and falling behind the competition.

With advanced automation capabilities, Ripcord optimizes resource allocation, helping financial services organizations save time and money.

Whether you need to streamline processes such as account opening, client onboarding, KYC, fraud detection, and tax form processing, or securely store and easily recall documents to serve customers, demonstrate compliance, or complete an audit, Ripcord’s machine learning-powered technology rapidly transforms paper and digital documents into accurate data that is instantly accessible, and ready to fuel automation and analysis.

The result is increased productivity and efficiency, reduced risk, and an organization that can gain a competitive edge by realizing the full potential of its data.

FinServ 1

Explore comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of banking and financial services organizations.

Banking Operations

Streamline financial services operations with Ripcord’s robotics, intelligent document processing, and process automation.

Customer Records

Accelerate customer onboarding and improve customer experience with document intelligence and AI-powered content management.

Compliance & Risk

Access critical records on demand, automate retention and disposition schedules and protect financial data with enterprise-grade security.

FinServ - Japan Bank

See how Japan’s largest bank transformed data access with Ripcord.

Unlock more efficient document processing and cost savings of up to 50% or more.

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