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Digital Transformation

Debunking AI Myths and ML Legends 

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What are the objectives of digital transformation?
Paige Bartley
Senior Research Analyst, Data Management 451 Research
Why do some organizations accelerate efforts to leverage data in times of uncertainty?
Paige Bartley
Senior Research Analyst, Data Management
What are the biggest barriers facing insight initiatives?
Paige Bartley
Senior Research Analyst, Data Management 451 Research

From Digitization to Digital Transformation:

Achieve Data-Driven Outcomes

Aside from cost reduction, the most commonly used yardstick for measuring an organization’s progress with digital transformation is the amount of time employees spend on manual processes. But reducing manual processes isn’t the goal itself.

Digitization of content should not just ‘lift and shift’ hardcopy information. It needs to drive tangible business outcomes. Ultimately, improving the customer experience – not simply cost reduction – is the top driver for digital transformation. 

Drivers of Digital Transformation

Research Informs our Approach Confirming Customer Experience Improvement Is a Top Driver of Digital Transformation


Workforce Transformation

Planning for Effective Access to Data and a Productive Workforce

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What is your organizations biggest obstacle to digital transformation

On the journey to digital transformation, companies overcome many hurdles. What is your biggest obstacle?

Drivers of Digital Transformation

Improving Customer Experience is a Top Driver of Digital Transformation

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