What is Ripcord?
Ripcord is the world’s first robotic digitization company. We are transforming the traditional records management industry by using robots to scan paper records, make them searchable on the cloud and integrate them into existing enterprise systems.
Why did you start Ripcord?
We believe records management is broken: it’s expensive, inefficient, and risky. The records management industry is dominated by real estate companies. When boxes of records are stored in paper form and locked in warehouses, the data contained within that paper is trapped. When people give their records to warehousing vendors to store, they lose access to their data. They often have to pay exorbitant fees just to access these records in storage. Digitization frees their data… puts it back in the control of the customer, not the vendor.
How does Ripcord compare to other services?
Ripcord is the first company to use automation to digitize, so the process is significantly less error-prone than it is with other companies, which use human labor. The digitizing process is completed in a fraction of the time it would take our other scanning services, so you can access your information sooner. Ripcord Canopy is designed to be easy to use and keep your records safe. The fresh user interface is simple to navigate. With intuitive search features, custom user permissions and top-notch security, you never have to worry about losing your records in the cloud.
How long do I have to wait on the schedule before getting my paper digitized?
It depends on the scope of your project. Right now, customers are waiting a few months.
How long does it take to onboard a customer?
Onboarding depends on the size of the project but 30-60 days has been the normal range and that includes architecture review, security review, SSO integration, etc.
What is my time investment going to be during on-boarding?
Weeks versus sometimes YEARS; or never in some cases given the limited scanning capacity of competitors. In most cases, we are able to digitize in 10 days what would take our competitor 1 year.
Where do the records go once scanned?
We built a records management platform, called Ripcord Canopy, that allows users to quickly search through records, share securely and connect to existing enterprise systems.
What does your service do?
Ripcord’s service focuses on 4 core things: 1. Digitize records using robotic process automation. 2. Making those records accessible for you 24/7 via our records management platform, Ripcord Canopy. 3. Streamline and simplify your digital records management practices. 4. Integrating those records with the enterprise software systems you already use.
What does digitizing mean?
For Ripcord, it’s the process by which we take your static, paper records collecting dust in warehouses and use robots to scan, organize and integrate into your existing enterprise systems. No other vendor, to our knowledge, offers true end-to-end digitization solutions that takes records from paper to digital and then to other enterprise applications.
Tell me about the work that the robots do:
Sure, we’re really proud of our what our robots can accomplish! Here’s a quick step-by-step introduction to how our robots digitize your records. 1. Humans unpack boxes and present the paper files to our robotic workcells 2. Robots identify and remove fasteners 3. Images are scanned at high speed and high quality 4. Our workcells have the intelligence to separate records into their logical groups 5. We apply optical character recognition to translate images into searchable text 6. We upload the documents to our cloud platform where we then provide great search, simply sharing and connections to other enterprise applications. 7. We hold the records and perform QA on them after they are scanned 8. We shred the documents and send the shredded documents to a paper mill for recycling
What paper sizes can you process?
We can scan just about any paper size. Most of the records we scan are letter or legal size, but we have processed a number of 24” x 36” architecture drawings, large maps, and even business cards for customers.
Shredding makes me nervous. Do you have any alternatives to shredding for me?
Most companies we work with want to shred their documents after scanning. We hold onto the records for a brief period of time for QA… but if a company really wants the paper files returned to them, we can offer them return service for an added cost.
How does Ripcord integrate with other software services?
Canopy has built-in integrations with services like Docusign, Salesforce, and Netsuite. Using these other services along with Canopy is seamless and eliminates, not creates, data silos. Ripcord can also create custom integrations for customers if their preferred software tools are not already built into Canopy.
What is your cancellation of service policy?
If a contract is terminated for whatever reason, Ripcord will download all of your records as PDF files to a hard drive and deliver it to you. Otherwise, contracts are renewed automatically and your records remain in Canopy.