Ripcord, the pioneer in robotic digitization, combines hardware robotics with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to turn your documents into powerful data on AWS. 

Running on AWS, Ripcord’s comprehensive platform is designed to help organizations automate key processes, access critical information, and fuel analysis with highly accurate data. Our solution is provided as an integrated end-to-end service designed to automate business processes and accelerate digital transformation.

Solutions designed for your business needs

Together, AWS and Ripcord can help your organization:

  • Accelerate digital transformation with robotic digitization
  • Improve business outcomes with ML-driven data classification, extraction, and validation
  • Integrate data into AWS workflows and data lakes
  • Derive actionable insights with analytics
  • Mitigate risk with built-in security, governance, and compliance  

Built on AWS, Ripcord’s platform delivers complete and accurate document intelligence for Government, Financial Services, Insurance, Energy, Manufacturing, and more.

Proven success across industries.

Put your data to work with Ripcord and AWS

Ripcord partners closely with AWS to help customers see the results of more powerful data.

Digitize at Scale with Robotics
Ripcord is the only organization to digitize paper records using vision-guided robots, sensor assembly software, and high-resolution cameras that operate at high speed and accuracy. Our offering feeds complete data from both paper and digital sources into the AWS Cloud.
Data Capture & Content Services
Extract data from unstructured paper and electronic documents to automate business processes quickly, using AI/ML models and entity extraction as part of a SaaS solution delivered on AWS.
Document Intelligence as a Service™
Your document types. Your use cases. Your workflows. Your SLAs. The data you need. Integrated into the systems you rely on.
Intelligent AI Applications
Layer on AWS data analytics tools to add actionable insight and more outcome-based decision-making. Leverage extracted data in data-lakes and analytics and provide actionable intelligence for efficiency gains.

Ripcord and AWS: A better together solution powering the world’s business processes

record management ripcord

Integrate Ripcord’s open platform with the business systems and AWS products you rely on. 

Data extracted from documents can be shared, incorporated into workflow processes, or integrated with other business applications using services like AWS Lambda, AWS Glue, and more.
record management ripcord

Discover how Ripcord and AWS can empower your organization

Ripcord is available to purchase on the AWS Marketplace. Get in touch to learn more.