Accelerated Document Preparation

We process over one billion pages per year, using sensors and software automation to create a digital twin of your information.

  • Chain-of-Custody

    Ripcord takes responsibility for your documents from the moment they leave your hands.

  • Security & Privacy

    Our facility is built to the highest of security standards. Anyone required to handle your documents has passed a strict background check.

  • Your Document Structure

    Our digital twin duplicates your box and folder structure exactly, down to stapled documents. You'll find them right where you put them.


Robots Do the Heavy Lifting

Our robots complete document preparation and scanning rapidly and at scale.

  • Adaptive Computer Vision

    With computer vision, robots can sort through loose pages of different formats and remove staples.

  • Speed to Decision

    Neither formats nor organization of paper documents delay usable data.

  • No Eyeballs

    Robots don’t tell secrets. With human involvement at a minimum, your documents stay private.


Document Scanning

Our high quality cameras capture every detail in 8K.

  • Handled with Care

    Fragile documents need special care. Our robots use air to lift and position documents, preventing damage.

  • Large Format Scanning

    High resolution scans are especially helpful in revealing hidden details in maps and other large format documents.

  • Superior Machine Learning

    Full color images at a high resolution improve machine learning applications.


Intelligent and Accurate Recognition

Our machine learning algorithms use deep learning on a large and ever-growing dataset, enabling high accuracy OCR.

  • Confident Decisions

    Classification and entity extraction driven by enhanced machine learning and artificial intelligence enriches your data, regardless of its original source or format.

  • Enriched Data

    Your data is structured to be searchable and actionable.


Records Uploaded to Repository

Ripcord Intelligent Document Cloud makes every document available with sub-second search, all stored as fully searchable PDFs.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Search in plain English and find exactly the documents you want.

  • Simple User Interface

    Ripcord Intelligent Document Cloud includes personal workspaces, access to the most recent documents, and hierarchical content navigation.

  • Compliance

    Ripcord Intelligent Document Cloud storage is fully compliant with security and retention policies.


Power any process

Our variety of integration methods allow you to put your content to work exactly where it is needed. Whether it's ERP, ECM, or any other enterprise application, we’ve got you covered.

  • Enterprise Business Applications

    Connect your content to the business process that needs it. We have integrations with common ERP, ECM, and HR systems.

  • Other content repositories

    We recognize that you may have multiple content repositories in house, and we can push content and metadata to any modern repository with open APIs.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    We can take your unstructured data and organize it to feed your RPA processes for end-to-end automation.


There is so much more

Other services for your peace of mind


Through a partnership with logistics leaders, Ripcord maintains full chain-of-custody.

  • Hassle-free

    We take care of scheduling, planning, pickup, and logistics so you don’t have to.

  • Return Shipping

    Ripcord can return documents you wish to have returned.

  • Time to Money

    Fewer vendors means less overhead


Once we’ve confirmed successful digitization, we can shred all or part of your records to ensure security and reduce storage fees.

  • Don’t Pay for Storage

    With your data in the cloud, there is no need to rent physical storage locations.

  • Unsubscribe from Paper

    Everything we shred gets recycled, which saves trees from being cut down.


Some of our clients prefer to keep their paper records, so we can store those too.

  • End-to-End Oversight

    Relying on multiple vendors makes each of them less responsible. Ripcord takes full responsibility for your data.

  • Peace of Mind

    Rest easy, because we can store your documents for as long as you need, for compliance reasons or just to help you sleep at night.

  • Quality Control

    We hold your content until digitization has passed QC and you are comfortable with your data.

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