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Instantly Accessible & Actionable Employee Records
While the impetus for Human Resources teams to deliver strategic solutions and enhance employee experiences continues to grow, managing documentation remains a significant part of the HR teams' responsibilities. Ripcord helps HR teams lighten the administrative load associated with Employee Records. Our seamless solution transforms employee records into data that is readily accessible. With Ripcord, HR teams can manage records efficiently and effectively, ensure compliance, and devote more time to employee experience and business growth.
We partner with HR teams in every industry

Whether you're navigating an M&A, supporting a distributed workforce, managing benefits, running people analytics, or simply accessing employee files regularly, Ripcord can help.

We've delivered impactful Employee Records solutions for Coca-Cola, Waste Connections, and many more.

If you are an HR leader, process owner, or analyst, let’s talk and discuss how Ripcord help.

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Significant Risk in HR Document & Data Management
Information Management challenges in government we address
Managing employee records with manual or outdated processes puts HR teams and organizations at risk. Among challenges HR teams face are lagging operational efficiency and response time, inaccurate data, lack of access and visibility to documents and data, and difficulty ensuring compliance.
Information Management challenges in government we address
Ripcord helps Human Resources teams:
  • Gain control with complete visibility to employee records including historical, paper-based records and digital files, with robotic digitization and bulk digital ingestion.

  • Ensure that documents are protected from loss, physical damage, and data breaches with secure cloud storage.

  • Free up valuable space and time dedicated to storing and organizing paper documents to focus on strategic efforts and innovation with intuitive content search and filter capabilities.

  • Preserve your organization’s file structure, while gaining the flexibility to work with digital documents by creating a digital twin.

  • Access complete, accurate data to accelerate processes and elevate analytics with Ripcord Intelligent Document Cloud.

  • Deploy Intelligent Document Processing without disrupting existing systems through custom integrations and data transfers.

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Benefits of Ripcord's Employee Records Solution
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Increased Operational Efficiency

Eliminate time spend filing, organizing, and hunting for documents. Rapid digitization paired, intelligent document processing, and secure storage takes the tedious manual labor out of records management and cuts storage costs.

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Instant Data Access & Visibility

Find a needle in a haystack or gain deeper understanding of your workforce. Document classification and data extraction make it easy to locate specific documents in seconds or fuel analytics with accurate data.

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Seamless Compliance Management

Store all employee records securely in the cloud, and set retention and disposition schedules to ensure the documents you need are there when you need them, and your organization stays on top of regulations. Eliminate uncertainty and avoid legal fees and fines.

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The Ripcord Platform
Document Digitization

Leave no data behind.

With advanced robotics and best of breed digitization methods, Ripcord is the only IDP company that ensures even paper documents are part of your data set

Ripcord Document Intelligence Cloud

Get the most value from your documents with one easy, versatile solution.

A single tool where you can create, securely store, and instantly recall intelligent documents and access accurate data thats ready to apply in your business processes.

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Ripcord Professional Services

Results delivered from start to finish.

The Ripcord Professional Services team can manage everything from document logistics and bulk data ingestions, to providing professional ML model training and HITL validation, to securing data transfers and custom integrations.

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